July 2013
A/c not working
Found source of A/C problem: sticking relay. Fixed relay, while I watched, so I didn’t have to pay for a new one! Once system was running, blew accumulated debris from unit, cleaned coil with solution, taped lid insulation in place (it was falling down at one edge), checked other values, made sure it was working properly

Frederick Silver

June 2013
I tried First Choice Heating And Cooling due to a Groupon that I saw advertising an A/C and Furnace Tune-up.
Since the Groupon was for 1 unit, and I had two, he asked which one should be services, suggesting the A/C that managed the upstairs environment, since it would probably be the most stressed (heat rising and all). I asked him how much it would be to do both, and we quickly agreed on a price to do both units.
I was impressed that he knew my name without looking at a sheet or anything, and continued to call me by my name throughout the service.
I let him up into the attic and he spent maybe 10 minutes in there. After which, he stated that he’d need to use my hose to help with the coils, and so we went outside to look at the A/C units. After getting him the hose, he looked at the coils and rinsed them off. He was very informative about the benefits of cleaning the coils, the importance of keeping the filters clean (especially in the winter, it turns out), and how the A/C system works in general. I appreciated the information, as it help me to keep the system maintained in the future. He seemed very straightforward and I felt like I was getting the straight scoop, not that I was being sold extra services.
All in all, it was one of my best service experiences in a while, and I will definitely use them again in the future.

Jamison Scheeres

April 2013
The serviceman was on time and explained exactly what he was going to do. When he had completed his evaluation, he gave me a complete report and identified when I should have my next service call. I was very please with the service call and it was a great value.

Alejandro Alire
Charlotte, NC

March 2013

I appreciated the time that was taken to explain the inspection results and patience in answering any and all of my questions. Very friendly and professional.


Waxhaw, NC.


March 2013

I am very impressed with my service. The service man explained how my heating and cooling worked, cleaned pine needles away from my ac unit and explained why. I felt very confident with my service and will use them again. I will also recommend them to all my neighbors. Excellent service!!!!!


Cornelius, NC.


Jan 2013

This is my first but not the last use of this company. I do not know if all the people there are as nice as Mr. Frank  the tech  that seviced my hvac, He went to length to explain every thing that he would do and why. I give him a top rating on his service. He is a great asset to First Choice and should be commended for it, as he is the company when he on his svc. calls. YES I Will use First Choice Again.

Mr. parks  

Charlotte, NC.


Jan 2013

Thank you for your prompt and good service. It is nice to know that there is still a few honest companies out there. Thank you again for taking care of both of our houses the same day!

Mr Morgan

Lake Wylie, SC.


Nov 2012

Excellent service. Personable and professional. Will use their service again. Give them a try.


Charlotte, NC.